Stratoscape corp

Stratoscape is an sUAS (drone) service provider that seeks to:

Inform – Visual and analytical data in situations that are otherwise unsafe, inaccessible, or cost prohibitive.

Stratoscape uses a fleet of diverse drones to provide a comprehensive view to a remote audience. We provide visual documentation of current conditions and progress. Specialty sensors offer information that is imperceptible to the human eye. Mapping and models provide up to centimeter accuracy.

Inspire – Visual emotional connection to a subject matter.

Whether it’s inspiring a community, key stakeholders or potential customers, our goal is to provide the WOW factor with Hollywood-production level tools and methods. Stratoscape visuals have appeared in everything from regional TV news coverage to national social media posts to publication cover photos. While project timelapse videos have become a specialty, we have diverse experience in 3D modeling, concept rendering incorporation, and other forms of visualization from projects around the globe.

This is not a side hustle for us.
This is our passion.

Flight Hours
3000 +
Miles Flown
125000 +
Photos Taken




Visualization/3D Modeling

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